what to wear today?

It is an important development in one's spiritual journey to live beyond labels. That is, you are comfortable without a label, nor are you threatened by them. I don't mind if people call me a Christian. I also don't mind if people call me an Atheist or an Agnostic. I'm comfortable without applying any of these, and I'm also not threatened by them. I am more than these labels. And Love sees past these. Like this man getting dressed for the day: those tees are simply an external presentation that don't represent him accurately. They are just a way to get through the day socially. Or maybe a way to get through the day comfortable with himself. It's all okay. Beneath how you identify yourself and how others identify you, there is you! Your spirituality is your own and no one has lived it before. You're the first! You are an original! Tomorrow I'm launching my new members-only site for people who understand what I'm saying or want to, and are looking for support and fellowship for their own particular journey. Look for it!
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