what would Jesus earn?

I want to share with you one of the biggest issues I struggle with: money Many years ago I made a vow of poverty. You can read more about the story here. I developed this value that money and spirituality don't and shouldn't mix. I chose to believe that money dilutes the purity of the message. Spending over 25 years in the ministry, which often relishes a poverty mentality, only fortified this belief. Actually, the belief or opinion was hammered so deeply that it has become a matter of conscience for me. I actually feel unethical if I earn any money in spiritual service. I don't believe this anymore. With my mind, anyway. I know it is a stupid belief. But any belief, when supported by conscience, has tremendous power. I know because I am a victim of this power. It has become a very loud and persuasive voice from deep within me. And it's all my fault. So I get a comment like this last night (I'm sure the writer won't mind since he did post it publicly on my blog) in reference to my latest Sophia drawing "Trapped" (pictured here):
Why are you selling these? If it's a free revelation, and you want to freely share, why charge money? I don't mean any harm, I just don't know how such freedom finds a price?
This is such a familiar voice. And when it combines with my inner voice it makes a choir that is incredibly powerful and condemning. To change my mind is one thing. To transform my conscience to a more rational and higher level is even more difficult. Sometimes it seems impossible. Many of you know what I'm talking about. Buy Sophia "Trapped" here.
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