what you need to know about peace

CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT IN MY GALLERY! BUY A FINE ART REPRODUCTION OF THIS DRAWING! Religion holds out the promise of peace but never delivers. There are many reasons for this: It doesn't really believe peace is a possible way to live; or it doesn't think you really deserve it; or it wants you to keep coming back like an addict. Actually, it can't deliver. It can't deliver something that's already mine and already yours. Generally, religions and their leaders are more interested in your allegiance to them rather than to what it pretends to offer. In other words, it wants you to be a faithful church-going Christian rather than a person who lives in peace regardless of where your commitments lie. I have personally come to discover exactly as this drawing declares: I have found peace! Actually, it has found me. Actually, we were never lost to each other. I was just blind to it. It was there all along. It wasn't something I had to work for. It wasn't something I had to look for. It wasn't something I had to prepare for. It wasn't something I had to wait for. I didn't have to earn it. It's not for sale. It's free. It's here. It's already within you waiting to be noticed, embraced, and lived into. It is a reality. There is peace. It has already been given. It just is. newsletter    art     community     books
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