When Men Versus When Women Preach

When Men Versus When Women Preach The other day I posted a cartoon illustrating women being the first to witness and report the resurrection and that the men were going to take it from there. It went viral and is still going strong. But what drew my attention was the amount of mansplaining I received, like, "Well, actually, an angel was the first witness", or, "Well, actually, in those days women were more oppressed so it was progressive that they were allowed this honor, and Jesus told his male disciples that they should be the ones to report this around the world in the Great Commission", or, "Well, actually, in the Roman Empire...", or, "Not all the gospels agree so...", and on and on and on. I decided it must be exhausting being a woman because in just one day I got exasperated, angry, and hopeless. I was even tempted to shut up because life's just easier that way. And I'm a man! I shared this frustration with my amazing online community The Lasting Supper, and the women there said that even though they feel I'm "among the best of men" (their words, not mine), I have no idea. And I believe them!
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