When the Church Uses Love as Bait

When the Church Uses Love as Bait

love bait cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A man crawls into a cage trap shaped like a church trying to reach a heart that is being used as bait.

This needs no explanation. Am I right?

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No explanation but what a great metaphor to explore because….yup.

I’ve experienced both wonderful and toxic church communities. The good experiences leave me feeling perhaps more kindly towards church than the cartoon’s view. As a birder I went right to “mist nets” — traps used by researchers but ‘for good’, ideally — in the service of informed, prophetic calls for care of fellow creatures and the world we share). HOWEVER as an individual bird…you sure don’t want to be one of the ones taken as a permanent specimen. And the mist net is not a destination – a bird may spend some time waylaid there being tracked and measured and assessed — but that is a distraction. The point is to continue the journey.
Or, as another metaphor of toxic community, see the documentary “The Messenger” (2015, SongbirdSOS) where our buildings kill, and singing birds are tethered to lure other songbirds into traps to be (illegally but “traditionally”) consumed as macabre delicacies.

Jennifer S.

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