When Wolves Think They're Sheep

"When Wolves Think They're Sheep" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

What if wolves really think they're doing good?

What if they actually think they're sheep?

The other day I posted a cartoon of an LGBTQ sheep in the presence of wolves. One wolf says, "I can't believe it, but they just gave this one to us!"

As usual, people who believe being LGBTQ is a sin came on to preach their relentless discrimination while trying to sound nice about it.

One of my followers on Instagram responded to them by pointing out that even though they think they are being helpful, they are actually being hateful. They are, in fact, those wolves!

What if wolves wear sheep's clothing not just for disguise in order to infiltrate the flock and destroy it, but also because they actually want to think they're sheep and want others to think they're sheep too?

Because most of the people who express their negative opinion about LGBTQ people really do believe a few things. They really do believe that...

1. being and behaving LGBTQ is a sin,
2. God made this rule, not them,
3. the bible is God's voice,
4. therefore it's not actually them condemning LGBTQ, but God in the bible,
5. therefore it's loving to inform them of God's law and save them from hell,
6. anyone who thinks otherwise is a false-teacher and needs to be silenced.

They think they're being sheep... gentle, kind, helpful, and spiritual... when in fact they're the wolves who are destroying the flock by condemning, judging, excluding, and banning marginalized people to the wilderness.

It's so sickening and dangerous because it's pure hate wrapped in theology.

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