When your beliefs get bowled over by the truth!

Ya. The cartoon you see here is based on one I did almost 10 years ago. I like this one better.

So... this pretty much happened to me. And still is.

We tend to believe our thoughts. It's very difficult to let this be challenged.

I know some will say that I perceive the ball to be truth, but that too can be entirely subjective, amounting to falsehood. They say the thing about deception is you don't know you're being deceived. You get to the point where a lie is believed to be true.

I used to think it was just particular beliefs that would be bowled over and knocked down and cleaned away. But no. I've come to the conclusion that it is belief itself that is being challenged.

So that only forces me further to examine my thoughts. Test them. Question them. The axe to the root kind of thing.

Not easy. But necessary.

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