"Where'd Jesus Go?" Cartoon Grows in Popularity!

"Where'd Jesus Go?" Cartoon Grows in Popularity!

"Where'd Jesus Go?" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Buy a print of this cartoon in my online nakedpastorstore! I've just shipping out 2 of them to friends in the USA. I wonder where they'll be place? In a lawyer's office? A pastor's study? A church entry? A gay man's workspace? A transgender teen's bedroom wall?

I drew this cartoon many months ago and it's been slowly but surely gaining speed. 

Not sure why this happens.

But I think one reason is because people start getting what the cartoon's actually saying.

Some absolutely hate and disagree with it.

Others... for example, those who have experienced discrimination, marginalization, and rejection just because of who they are... LOVE IT!


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