Whether we believe in Jesus or not

"The Story of Jesus" by nakedpastor David Hayward Buy a print of this cartoon! 20% OFF with code "iwant"! SHOP NOW! There are lots of conversations about whether or not Jesus really existed and therefore what is true or not true about Christianity. Some would insist the story of Jesus has changed the world for the worse. Some would insist that it has changed it for the better. I believe the Christmas story and the story of Jesus is rich with meaning. I would like to share with you what possibilities I discern in the story. It speaks to me of the investment of "That-Which-We-Call-God" in humanity and their total unity, the oneness of all things, the erasing of the dividing line between secular and sacred, compassion for all, and justice in the world. It speaks of unity in diversity... the independence of each and every one of us and at the same time the solidarity of each of us with every other. It acknowledges the bullying force of death but also life's usurping of it, the validation of our suffering and grief as well as our courage and joy in the midst of them. It invites me to live with love, joy and peace.
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