Why do our leaders want us to be silent?

So for me it is about the privilege and abuse of power, plain and simple, and how it marshals all of its fathomless resources to silence all those who question or criticize it.

Oh the letters I have received! Just because an alleged victim shares her experiences that don't align with the official account.

I have served many strong, authoritative, influential, powerful, charismatic leaders, and many" of them have threatened me with defamation lawsuits just because I criticized them. This is what they do.

I'm sad, not because so-called leaders aren't believing Julie, but because they refuse to" let her to be heard" in the first place. And none of them are taking the lead in advocating for the silenced like the one they claim to follow did. In a lot of the phone calls and correspondence I've received, these two words keep coming up: reputation and revenue. I realized I have neither of those, and" maybe that's why I rejoice when the silenced speak.

This should make us raise at least one eye-brow.

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