Why do we wait until it is convenient or fashionable to help others?

CLICK ON CARTOON TO SHOP: 50% OFF with code "sweet" 50% OFF with code "sweet". SHOP NOW! > Better late than never. Most fund raisers understand the psychology of charity, that most of us are motivated by guilt. We give and donate to alleviate our sense of privilege and to make ourselves feel better. Even Starbucks knows that when they inform us that a few cents of the luxury coffee we just purchased is going to charity, it makes us feel better about our extravagant tastes. It's so convenient and fashionable! This is true for the victims, the survivors, and the marginalized. At first their stories might not be believed. But after their stories are out there for a while, and substantiating evidence and maybe even proof starts rolling in, and the tide seems to turn and their peers start believing too, then sometimes the unbelievers change their minds and listen to the victims, the survivors, and the marginalized. It's so fashionable and convenient. But, like I said, better late than never!
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