Why Swearing Can Be Good

Why Swearing Can Be Good:

1. Release: Swearing releases pressure. Expressing our emotions can be more effective with swearing. Studies reveal swearing can decrease physical and emotional pain.

2. Freedom: People who come out of controlling environments find swearing an appropriate expression of their newfound freedom. Liberated from a culture where even words are policed, swearing is a declaration of independence.

3. Adulting: Swearing is how many adults talk. Because we can. Some judge people who swear and say they're less intelligent by resorting to lazy language. But I know very intelligent people who swear and ignorant people who don't.

4. Words: Sometimes there's no other word than a good swear word. We can use regular words, but they just don't convey the intensity of emotions like a swear word. Swearing is a verbal expression of the intensity of our experience.

5. Humor: In my online community TheLastingSupper dot com (you can join) we have f*ck threads. They are a mixture of seriousness because someone is struggling, but they're often expressed in ways that make us laugh. Watching a video of a guru using swear words is funny. Sometimes comedy in the middle of a crisis is helpful.

6. Spirituality: We've sanitized spirituality so that we're no longer human. Swearing is a part of being real people rather than disembodied spirits. Being authentic is spiritual!

There are lots of reasons to swear. But who needs a reason? Why police our words? Sure, I want to be helpful, honest, and true. But sometimes swearing helps me do that.

Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. Swearing can be a healthy part of that process.

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