Why the Fruitbowl is Empty

It seems to me that it matters not what people believe, but what they love and what they hate, that produces fruit. People can believe anything, even the most ridiculous, and do good. People can believe anything, even the most orthodox, and do evil.

I know so many people who leave the church, not because of what is believed, but because of the pettiness and judgmentalism of those who believe it. On the other hand, people will join communities or churches regardless of what is believed because they feel loved and cared for. Belief seems unable to guarantee that people will do good.

Truth is important to me. But I sometimes wonder if it would be possible to regard beliefs as a playing field, a place of exploration, experiment and discovery. I've come to the conclusion a long time ago that our unity is not in beliefs. Even having the same mind as Christ is about humbling ourselves and pouring ourselves out, not about beliefs.

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