wine and losing your religion

GET THIS PRINT!Well, of course this is a joke. We have other needs. Like coffee! When I was leaving the Presbyterian church in 1995, I applied to see if I could get back into the Pentecostal church, since that was my background. I met with the district board. I was denied because" I would not concede that drinking was a sin. When our church went through a massive church split in 1997, the leadership team would meet in our homes and we would drink wine and talk and talk and talk. A" rumor got out that our leadership meetings were drunken messes. Going through deconstruction or massive spiritual transformation was strenuous. I'll have to admit: wine helped. There are" a lot of people who know exactly what I'm talking about. Do you? This is just one of the things we joke a lot about at The Lasting Supper. Please accept my invitation to join us! Check us out!
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