Without a Vision My People Prosper

My new book Without a Vision My People Prosper is now available on Amazon (.com, .ca, .uk, .de, .wherever!). I have invited several people to review the book. I don't expect agreement from all quarters, but I do feel my claims about visionary thinking in the church ought to be considered. I want pastors and church leaders everywhere to read this book because I believe it is helpful to the church. This is what I say about it:
I challenge the modern need to formulate visions and set goals for local congregations. I argue that even though vision and goals might be useful for individuals, businesses and other organizations, it is harmful to genuine community. Through a collection of my most relevant posts and cartoons from my blog, nakedpastor, I passionately endeavor to call the church back to the priority of fellowship over accomplishments.
This is what others are saying:
  1. "Through the power of his pen, he draws cartoons that lay bare the questions that dare not be spoken inside the walls of institutional Christianity. Those looking for answers will need to search elsewhere but for the rest of us living in the gray, David offers hope and healing with his cartoons that make me laugh through my tears." (Becky Garrison)
  2. "The book follows a linear pattern in that it is ordered chronologically as the author wrestled through his own questions. But none of us really solve life's big questions; we keep coming back to them anew. Thus, the book builds on itself in a natural manner. It isn't a systematic system where you can turn to the chapter for the issue you want help with. Once you've flipped through and enjoyed the drawings and skimmed it as a whole, this is the book to keep on the nightstand for a couple months, reading just a few pages per day and abiding in them until ready to move on... I have only had the book long enough for the quick read, but am looking forward to reading it more slowly with others in my community."(Caedmon)
  3. "I have seen artists poke fun at the church before and I have seen scholars point out error, but David's work goes much deeper. His many years as a Pastor add the dimension of a true and heartfelt concern for the church. Yet his true forte is the ability to get to the crux of an issue through art. Such a rare combination of talent and insight is what makes this book a gem. This book will inspire and challenge you to see the church in a new light."(John Contabile)
You can go to my Amazon page to order Without a Vision My People Prosper. My first book of cartoons, Nakepastor101, is also available there: CLICK HERE! And yes, we are working on getting it ready for Kindle. Soon. Thanks!
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