Women and the Work of the Gospel

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Women and the Work of the Gospel

"Women & the Work of the Gospel" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I can hear some men saying, "The women do the work of the gospel when they fulfill their role in the church and family and support the men!" Many years ago when I was a local pastor, there was a point where I got frustrated because we were always dealing with internal problems that I thought were preventing us from getting on with the more important work. Then one day the light went on and I realized that learning how to love one another was the work. I relaxed after that. The rise of women's voices expressing their struggle to be equal with equal opportunity is the work. Let's get to it! (By the way, I had a 50% OFF sale this weekend, but I mistakingly ended the coupon before the sale was over. People expressed disappointment and confusion to me. So I created another coupon. Use coupon code "TOOGOOD" to get a 50% OFF discount on all my art. TODAY ONLY! Sorry for the mistake. CLICK HERE TO SHOP!)

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