women: are you sexy or are you a man-hater?

"Sexy or Man-Hater" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) BUY MY ART HERE! Ya, this really happened! And it happens everywhere still. Did you know that in the church confident, assertive women are often called Jezebels? It's a quick way of silencing and dismissing them. I often get emails from people with cartoon suggestions. Here's one that inspired today's cartoon:
"So many people equate feminism with man-hating. If anything, I'm a feminist because I have an awesome dad who has told me I'm capable of anything since day one. I have had such a hard time expressing this to people and thought maybe a cartoon could get the point across. How is it that a man telling his young daughter she's fully capable and completely equal to men is good fathering, but then when that little girl grows up and asserts that she is fully capable and completely equal to men, people call her a man-hater? Today's daddy's girl is tomorrow's feminist."
Well said! Would you like to meet women who assert they are fully capable and equal to men and men who recognize this? Join The Lasting Supper today!
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