women, games, and religion

HERE! >I read this article about women gamers and Zoe Quinn, ‘This has got to change': Women game developers fight sexism in industry. Zoe Quinn's story is a nightmare of threats of rape, death, and a life of constant security measures against all kinds of attacks against her and her work. She's been forced to move. Her server is attacked around 40 times a day. She keeps a backup stored in a chip implanted in her left hand. Because she's a woman and a gamer. Insults such as Make me a sandwich" is common place. And it is this line that provoked me to do today's cartoon. The sexist attitudes toward women is prevalent everywhere. The same attitudes expressed in the gaming world is expressed in the religious one... but perhaps with extra filters applied to make it sound more orthodox, righteous, and even acceptable. Religion makes it seem" like it is upholding traditional values, when in fact it is promoting rampant hate, discrimination, and violence against women. As the article linked above suggests, the problem is being acknowledged in some quarters and some things are being done about it. The same needs to happen in religion.
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