women on top and biblical sex

When a man writes about gender roles, the first thing you should note is that it was written by a man. Always start the critique there. There's quite a debate going on that you might like to notice. The Gospel Coalition posted an article by Jerod Wilson entitled The Polluted Waters of 50 Shades of Grey, Etc.. It received a lot of criticism, such as the post by Rachel Held Evans. You can check out these links and that will provide you with a wide doorway into more conversations around this hot topic. The Gospel Coalition is biblically bound. But be aware that it is their take on what is biblical. We should know by now that gender roles are simply that: roles... roles that are culturally assigned and either endorsed/ enforced or opposed by religious ones. This poor couple can't even have a good time in the bedroom anymore. Or the kitchen. Or the shower. Or the forest. Their theology is getting in the way. Would you like to own the original drawing? Or perhaps you would like to
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