World Vision's bold move to buckle

"World Vision Whiplash" (by nakedpastor David Hayward) My cartoon and post yesterday got lots of attention. I wasn't aiming at World Vision but those who withdrew their support based on their decision to employ gays and lesbians. But not long after I posted it they changed their minds and reversed their hiring policy change. They say, "Rather than creating more unity (among Christians), we created more division, and that was not our intent." I think what they meant to say was that they created more division among certain kinds of Christians... those who are against gays, lesbians and same-sex relationships. That's what they meant. Because I know plenty of Christians who applauded their bold move to make their employment policies more just. They buckled under pressure. Many people got jerked around. I hoped that their intent to open their hiring policy would have attracted more support. We will never know. So I drew a cartoon of their board with whiplash collars. No one survives that sudden a change in direction without injuries.
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