yes, yes, yes

Emmanuel: God with us.

The angels informed shepherds in fields with sheep that peace is for all people on earth. Heaven was emptying. The earth was filling.

Earth. People. Animals. Peace.

The great incarnational story signifies that God is no longer considered a remotely detached being "up there", but that God is now on the earth and among us as one of us and with us, totally and completely invested in the affairs of people and the earth, willfully inseparable and indistinguishable and indivisible and inextricable.

God has become man. Where now is the line of separation?

God's "yes" to us in the son of God has become our "yes" to him in the son of man, and it all has been swallowed up in the singular "Yes".

For the heavens have been exhausted of the Divine and the earth is now full of The Glory.

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