You and Your Skin

Lisa and I are insurance poor. That's just one of our problems. We've got to figure out ways to bring down these expenses! Late last night, while we were talking about our insurances, we came to the conclusion that we could cut some of them. We are definitely over-insured. If I died she'd be set for life. If she died, I'd be doing very well... financially anyway. I suggest that when I die she just dump me in the river across the street. I'd take care of the rest. Then I said, "I think I could probably bury you for $10,000!" Well we started to laugh uncontrollably. I mean, we couldn't talk and couldn't stop. She was laughing/crying like she sometimes does. I said, "I don't literally mean that. I don't want to bury you..." and more laughter, in a tragic kind of way. We were laughing so hard that Abby, our dog, was getting nervous and started to whine and bark, finally wanting out of the room. In between fits of laughter, I said I could imagine myself shopping around for the best deal, hoping to have money left over to at least buy a bottle of good scotch. I could joke about fridge boxes and paying myself for doing the funeral. Then, when her laughter/crying started to turn more into crying/laughter, we felt the mood change. This is serious. We looked in each other's eyes. Oh my love... the road we've travelled!

I love this girl! We've been together since she just turned 18. I was 21. We got married the next year. Yes, I married a teenager. We both remember talking about when we got married that we would be happy just living in a shack with one single bed and nothing else but the breath of God. That's all we needed, because that's all we'd use. We were crazy in love and we were happy... naturally. We are still in love. And the romance is still there. But the happiness has to be fought for. It's more elusive. It seems that the g-force of life endeavors to suck the happiness out of us and inject dull drudgery into our life and into our love. Money has for too long been the dispenser of our fate. We're determined to overcome this. And we will. Because we do love each other, and we love our love. We want our happiness to be ours. We want our lives to be filled with delight. We want to restore the joy of our love and the adventure of our lives. We want to return to simpler times, when all we needed was each other and the skin we were in.

This is a photo of Lisa on our first date. Oh man!

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