You Don't Have to Change

You Don't Have to Change

"You Don't Have to Change" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Cartoon Description: An LGBTQ+ rainbow sheep is stuck on the side of a cliff. The good shepherd reaches down to save them and says, "Seriously... I promise... you don't have to change!"

Those who think they preach the gospel but require you to change in order to accept it and belong do not understand love and underestimate its power.

Always remember this very simple truth: It is love that makes a relationship work, not our ability to change to make it work.

Love is the power of unity. Not conformity.

Love is the glue of authentic relationship. Not compliance.

Love literally conquers all because it doesn't rely on the recipient at all... not on their conformity, their willingness or ability to change, their beauty, not even their appreciation, and not even their awareness of it!

This is why love includes everyone.

So the shepherd is right: Seriously. I promise. You don't have to change.

Love takes care of everything.

Now... if only communities would embrace this truth! 







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