You Don't Need to Be Anywhere or Be Anything

You Don't Need to Be Anywhere or Be Anything

where you are cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


One of the biggest revelations you will ever experience in your life is when you realize you do not need to be anywhere but where you are or be anyone but yourself. 

You are where you are right now.
You are okay right now.

You are not broken.
You don’t need to be fixed.

You are not deficient.
You are everything you need.

You do not need a guru.
You do not need a guide.
You do not need a mentor. 
You do not need a teacher.
You do not need a leader. 
You do not need a Pastor or Priest or Rabbi or Imam. 

You do not need a covering.
You do not need a hedge of protection

You can be a light unto yourself. 
You can be the master of your destiny.
You can be the captain of your ship.
You can take the steering wheel of your life in your hands.


I have had pastors, guides, coaches, counselors, therapists, gurus, teachers, and leaders. Because I was told by them that I needed them and I believed them.

Now I choose them when I need them and choose to use what they offer. This is my decision made with my power.

If someone tells you you have to get somewhere, I bet they are also selling you the ticket to get there. 

If someone tells you you need to change, I bet they also are selling you the potion to fix you.

When you stand in the certainty that you are not broken, that you are okay, that you are already there, it eliminates the need for authorities and powers. 

And they don’t like that. They will fight you! Because...

You become your own authority.
You become empowered.
You become independent and autonomous.

You are free!

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