young ladies can't do that

Lisa and I decided early well it wasn't a decision, it's just the way we are that we wanted to provide an environment where our children could grow up independent, courageous and wise. Themselves. We have three children. Our first two are boys. Men now. But I want to talk about our third. Our third child is a girl, now one of these young ladies in the cartoon. I clearly remember her early days when she began to verbally challenge us. Instead of responding with the traditional and easy "You will think and do as we say because we're your parents" routine, we interpreted those embryonic expressions of defiance as opportunities for discussion, dialog and even debate. Yes, it's exhausting. Yes, it's messy. Exercising the mind and spirit is hard work. But the reward is we have a courageous and confident daughter who thinks for herself. She's pulled up a chair to the big people's table. So I encourage people to defy the attitude expressed in this cartoon. If you are in an intellectually stifling place, get out! Don't let anyone control you. There are places where you can think and express yourself in your own way where you can explore and exercise your independence, freedom and intellect. Have you seen the recent story of the FEMEN protesters drenching an Archbishop with water? FEMEN is a topless feminist group I've been following for a while. They arrive in the wake of Pussy Riot, two of whom are still in a remote Russian prison. This does not surprise me. We may not all agree with their tactics. But this is what happens when people, like women and members of the LGBTQ community, are stigmatized, marginalized and silenced. They won't have it. And they shouldn't! Christianity, and it's church, has a notorious tendency to do this. But I also perceive and encourage its better impulse to liberate all people to full equality. I was interviewed yesterday by Revangelical. You might want to check it out. It's short. Think and speak out!
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