Your Art Reflects Who You Are

Your Art Reflects Who You Are

wintertrees.jpgWell, I'm honored to have receive the "Thumbs Up" award this week from William Lehman of Decloned. Who'd u thunk it?! Thanks William!

I'm tired. I get up quite early every morning, at 6am, and get myself with my first cup of coffee into my studio to paint for a couple of hours. That's the first thing I do every day. By the way, my art is for sale on EBAY and ETSY. Most of the ones I do are smaller and therefore affordable. The larger ones that I do are cost more, of course. You can find my watercolor paintings, oils, inks, woodcuts and sculptures there. Enough of the shameless self-promotion.

I've been told that my art is very minimalist, simple, oriental and contemplative in style. I admit I have been very influenced by Japanese sumi-ink pieces, as well as the delicate and amazing art of woodcut and woodblock printing. Apparently this simplicity and minimalism comes through in the way I think, write and pastor. My art reflects who I am, and who I am and what I do reflects in my art. I think if someone were to look at one of my paintings, they would think that I might be something like that. What do you think?

The watercolor and ink painting shown here is available here and here.

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