Your Key to Your Freedom is in Your Hand

CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IN MY STORE All I ever wanted was freedom. Over time, I've come to realize that this is probably the deepest and most powerful driving force of my life. And one of the biggest lessons I've ever learned is that I always held the key to my freedom. Always. I can hear somebody saying right now, ‚ÄúYa, but, what about‚ ?‚Äù Yes, I know all about the ya-but-what-abouts. It reminds me of a powerful book I read about a powerful woman, Nien Cheng, who was imprisoned during Communist China's Cultural Revolution. In this amazing book, she tells the harrowing story of her imprisonment. The overwhelming impression I get from her life is that in spite of being a prisoner, she was one of the freest people who ever lived. You must read it. It reminds me of others, such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr., who were also prisoners yet lived as free individuals, even if under the most challenging of conditions. This is the kind of freedom I'm talking about‚ the kind of freedom that empowers me to be me despite the obstacles, the resistance, and the threats for doing so. I've always wanted to be so free that it didn't matter what conditions I found myself in or under, my sense of self would never be compromised. I'm getting there. It has been a long and gradual evolution. I knew early on what this freedom would look like for me, and I have moved myself progressively from smaller confines to larger ones, until now I realize I am the one to determine what my freedom looks like. Once I realized my freedom is shaped first within, then without, I have been growing into that personal vision of my personal freedom a day at a time. Like Nien Cheng, I've learned that the most powerful freedom is the kind I carry within me and that survives and thrives, no matter where I might find myself at any given time, and that, in spite of any external conditions, I can always make the choice to be me. Where this has had the most effect is in my spiritual life. I now feel more spiritually free than ever before. I don't know, but maybe one day I will realize that where I am now is still not full freedom. But all the signs are there that I am fully free to be fully me right here right now. Are you free? Do you want to be? Do you know what that looks like for you? (I provide Spiritual Freedom Coaching.)
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