Your Map Through Deconstruction

Your Map Through Deconstruction

your map through deconstruction cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A woman looks at a map called “Your Map Through Deconstruction”. It is a huge blank page.


There is no map for your deconstruction. If someone tries to offer you one, refuse it.

Here’s why:

I claim deconstruction is all about spiritual independence. It’s about taking responsibility for your own spiritual life, becoming the master of your destiny and the captain of your ship. 

It’s about exploring and discovering your own way of being spiritual. 

It’s about embarking on your own inner journey to find your own space.

*Explorers in any field don’t have maps or instructions. Because they haven't seen what they’re looking for. It’s uncharted.

You literally have to figure this out for yourself because it’s only for yourself. You are doing the opposite of conforming.

I had to overcome my fear of doing something wrong, of not being under someone’s covering, and risking deviating off the path into deception. 

For me to say, “I’m leaving to find my own way and my own place” felt very disrespectful, risky, and rebellious. Because that’s how they wanted me to feel.

But I embarked and have found my own way and place.
Do you know where that is? Wherever I am! 

Deconstruction… or just being and living into my own spiritual independence… has become my way of life.

This is why I will always refuse to belong to a group… even a deconstruction group… or a movement… or a club… or a clique… or any kind of officializing around deconstruction.

We are not a monolithic demographic or even a movement as some would like to think. 

We are a scattered diaspora of brave explorers traveling in all directions figuring out how to be independent and free.

We will not be organized!

There is no map.

*When I use the word "explorer" or "pioneer" in this case I'm referring to new scientific or intellectual or spiritual territory, not land, since "discovered" land was almost always already occupied by Indigenous People.


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