your own pathless land

This man walks where there is no path. He leaves no path. But he is assured. Find your own path. Once you find it you will discover it is nameless because no one else has traveled it before. It is yours and yours alone. Call it what you will. In fact, once you find your own path, you will realize that there is no path at all. It is simply where you are in a boundless, limitless, eternal freedom. Space and silence, pregnant with the All and loud with the thunder of Mystery. You may find yourself alone.Some may try to reject you. Others will try to claim you. But to you none of this matters any longer.You are fully embraced in the arms of Compassion. You will become thankful for your Source. You will be grateful for your Destiny. For you will know that they are one and the same. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. GALLERY BOOKS
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