you're on your own

Yesterday a friend asked me what nakedpastor is about. What I am passionate about is helping people transition. When people start to question their beliefs and begin to move away from assumed commitments, there is basically no support. When you question your beliefs and begin moving away from your theology and even start to drift away from church or even Christianity altogether, basically you're fucked. You're on your own. There's no support. Like I tweeted a couple of weeks ago:
Navigating beyond the borders of the church is scary because support doesn't come from the church but from that which it doesn't endorse.
I met an acquaintance in a coffee shop the other day. He asked if I was still pastoring a church. Nope. I asked if he was still going to church. Nope. He said, "I'm going through a time of confusion in my life. I really don't know what to do. I'm feeling really lost!" Yep. Because that's how the church wants you to feel. But it's not necessary. I want to provide support for him and others in similar situations. And there are many! I also provide resources for communities experiencing this same urgency of change. So this is what nakedpastor is all about. My cartoons and art and writings all illustrate this central concern, this core passion of mine. I thought "exit strategist" would be a funny name. But "exit" has negative connotations. Transitioning away can actually mean growth. So I am going to go with "transition support". That's what nakedpastor is about. Email me if you want to make arrangements to talk with me. My BOOKS. My ART.
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