youth, missions, and inspiration

youth, missions, and inspiration

Hannah Grant, one of the young people from our church (Rothesay Vineyard) is back to visit us for a little while. She spoke at our church this morning and did an incredible job. She's been working with Youth With A Mission for years now, and has risen to the level of instructor. She as been to Nepal on missions trips, as well as China and southeast Asia. She and her fiance Nick, after they are married in March, will begin to develop a training center in Indonesia next year. She plans to teach English as a second language and he will provide water-purification services while they live in that region. I just want to say that she, and what she had to say, was an incredible inspiration to our congregation today. It was a pivotal moment, the ramifications of which we'll see and enjoy for a long time to come. Thanks Hannah!

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