Z-Theory #18:

The Z-Theory continues to provide some insights. To catch up on the Z-Theory, just type it into the search box on nakedpastor and you should get all of the posts… all 17 of them! Again, I am only offering this to the discussion. I am in process with this. But I want to share this with you as it develops in my mind. So, this is what I'm gleaning from it these days: There is a Trinitarian structure to reality. The dream that initiated all this goes as follows: First, there is the source above the rim that we cannot see but can only speculate on. Second, there is the falls, the outpouring of the source. Third, there is the rivers and tributaries from the falls. So, in keeping with this: First, there is the Unknown. Secondly there is the Made Known. Third, there is the Knowing and Being Known. I suggest that this is a basic structure of reality which gives some insight into all things. Even love: First there is the Desire. Second, there is the Consummation. Third, there is the Relationship. The same with thought. First there is the Idea. Second, there is the Articulation of the Idea. Third, there is the Appropriation of the Idea. All religions are congruent with this structure. First, there is God(s) (YHWH, Allah, Divine, Sacred, etc.). Second, the Revelation (usually deposited in a Sacred Texts). Third, the Religion. I would suggest that Christianity falls within this Trinitarian structure. So to be more specific about Christianity then: First, there is God (the mystery, the Unknown, the Wholly Other, etc.). Second, there is Christ (the revelation, incarnation, reception, etc.). Third, there is the Spirit (the community of faith, the spiritual life, the church, etc.). I find this helpful for many reasons. But one of the main ones is how this can provide a kind of matrix for dialog between people of all kinds of faiths and non-faiths. For we can see from this Trinitarian structure that although the manifestations and all expressions are very different, they unite within a similar kind of structure.

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