z-theory #11: develops slowly

The z-theory (check out the background here and here) is important to me for these reasons: it provides a comprehensive framework that helps me make some sense of reality; it furnishes room for a reasonable faith within that reality that can be conscientiously held; and it has potential for an integrative view of existence that includes all people. I do not wish for one moment to claim that this is right, that it is the only way to think, that it is the only paradigm, theory, structure or framework within which people should think. I would however claim that it has provided me with those things, as well as the immediate result of a more tranquil mind. I do realize that some would assert that my mind is far from tranquil. That's why I say it is more tranquil. An intellectual and spiritual journey that I have been on for a few decades has finally found nourishment, an oasis in the desert, peace. It didn't come from reading a book or working things out with a calculator or by talking to any guru on any subject. I suppose that it came to me, out of the blue if you will, after I had practically given up the search. And it finally came to me in a very simple dream that I continue to unpack for meaning. Concerning "God": I believe this theory provides a way for all people of all faiths and non-faiths to dialog. Concerning "Jesus": I believe this theory contributes to an understanding of how the All-in-All has assumed embodiment for all people. Concerning the "Spirit": I believe this theory issues a spirituality that is all-inclusive and extends beyond faiths, religions and spiritualities. I realize that this theory causes some offense. I do not mean to be offensive, but helpful. I plan to expand on this more in the coming days. // twitter me Check out my t-shirts HERE. I'm growing my inventory all the time. And check out my contemplative art here.

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