z-theory #3: under development!

Here's a little more meditation of my z-theory. I realize this offends some who would prefer that I stay within the narrow parameters of a specific doctrine, but I am pressed to attempt to articulate that which I've seen. Even some of my friends say I've lost it and need a sabbatical. I won't deny that. I might be wrong. At least half wrong. But, as we all know, there are risks involved in straying from the herd. I want to discover as much as I can before I get caught. There is the Pre-Revealed. This is the One that is not known, cannot be known, and will not be known. This is total and unprovable mystery. Evidence might be gathered, but this Mystery will not be captured. When we speak of this One, surely we don't mean what we say. The word is not the thing. Neither is the thought. This is the Unnameable. I am interested in communing with this One, the Beautiful Beyond. But I am not only prevented by my brain's unwillingness and inability to think beyond its own self-securing agenda, but I am obstructed by the Beautiful Beyond's refusal to be had. This is the upper arm of the z. There is the Revealed. This is the gracious desire to commune with all things. This is the incarnation. This is the condescension. This is the transmission. This is the revelation. This is the coming down. That is from the top end. From the bottom end, it is the understanding, the receiving, the accepting, the willingness to commune with the Beautiful Beyond, the Absolute, the All-in-All. This is the going up. This is the slanting arm of the z. It slants down backward because it is retroactive, indicating that this has always been the intention and the action of the Absolute. It slant up forward because we enter the fullness of time. There is the Post-Revealed. This is the bottom arm of the z. It is like a dam broke and a river torrent was released, the force of which has forged a deep gorge through which the river courses. We are in the gorge. We are downriver from the moment of the Revealed. We are past the historic impact. We live in the fullness of this, and still somehow this is an Eternal Source that precedes us. All bathe in this Mystery that is somehow fully within us, that we are fully within, but which still has Being beyond us. This is the Beautiful Beyond that is now not an invisible separated entity, but observable, experienced and known in the love between all beings. I hope this is helpful to someone. // twitter me Check out my t-shirts HERE. I'm growing my inventory all the time. And check out my contemplative art here.

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