zombie Christ, zombie disciples, and eating your brains

"Zombie Christ" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward IN MY SHOP! > Many people believe that complete absorption into one identity is the ideal of conversion. Rather than appreciating difference, diversity and even incompatibility, they would prefer homogeneity, sameness, and complete compatibility. That is, conformity. Like zombies. They're all the same. And they make everyone the same as they are. They eat your brains. Are you looking for a place where you can be you and where you are free to keep and even use your brain? Join The Lasting Supper! We eat the food everyone brings to the table. Not your brains. I just wrote this for members of The Lasting Supper (TLS) yesterday:
"My dream is for TLS to reflect the world as it should be. That doesn't mean everyone believing the same thing. One thing that my marriage and relationship with my children has taught me: compatibility is not the glue to a relationship, but love. So, I dream of a community where diversity, even incompatibility, is expressed, but where love reigns. Most of the time, TLS reflects this dream."
I warmly invite you to join us.
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