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  1. What is a ‘spotter’? It looks ghastly. Why do all those things associate Jesus with sport as though that’s important? What about, ‘Jesus is my spin-doctor’? Or ‘Jesus is my lawyer’

  2. I sent a satire into The Door once with an idea for a Christian game company that created Christian versions of popular games. The first one that came to mind was “Pin Jesus on the Cross” Whoever got the closest got to confess some sins. They thought it was funny, but even they couldn’t get away with that one.

    I haven’t found a venue to share the whole piece. 🙂 Yet…

  3. @Tiggy,

    Have you ever lifted weights? I realize this is a week old, so this might be late, but I’ll give it a go — a spotter is a friend that spots you so you don’t get into too much trouble while your go through your routine.

    One of the last things you want while lifting weights is to have the weight come down on you by a slip, or a mistake, or you just tried to lift too much weight and you weren’t ready for it. The spotter makes sure you can handle the weight, and also takes it off you (as J is doing in the cartoon) if you can’t handle it.

    I would totally wear this, but I’d have to work out for like 4 months to do the joke it’s proper justice…

    And then maybe get a tattoo like this one [http://godwillbegod.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/jesus-omglol.jpg]

    Classy! Really classy!

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