10 Replies to “cartoon: eraser heads”

  1. Clever! Although I’ve come to hate the word “struggling.” It’s a very over-used word in Christianity. I think people should try to think outside the box (another over-used phrase-sorry) about WHY they are struggling.

    Could it be because they have a brain, and their brain is whispering to them “This doesn’t make sense?”

  2. Also, if they are seriously struggling with their faith, I think they should not only read the apologists to try to calm their fears and confusion, but they should also read the atheists’ arguments and then decide.

  3. It’s hard to live by faith. There is often struggle, because we are non-believers at heart, by nature.

    Thanks be to God that faith is a gift of God and that He has commanded that we do certain things that help to keep us in faith. Such as being baptized, going to church(hearing the Word), and partaking in His Supper.

  4. I don’t know steve, 95% of the world’s population believes in God or a god/gods of some sort. I’d hesitate to say that we are “non-believers at heart”. Faith of some sort seems to be a central feature of the human condition. It’s *what* to believe that gets us so confused.

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