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  1. yaaay! while I was still a sinner, knowing I’d live this Christian life imperfectly, but that He would live in me! Amen!
    PS I’m not a Calvinist. I didn’t realise this till someone asked me if I’m Armenian. I thought that was bec of my black hair, then they said they’d made a typo… I’m Arminian!!! tee hee.

  2. Dave,

    That is an awesome cartoon. It brings tears to my eyes! I still remember the day that this truth hit home. God loves ME. Somehow I had never really included myself in “the world” in anything other than an intellectual way.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Let’s take it a therapist’s-bread-and-butter step further…

    For God so loved the “good” parts of me. 😉

  4. I love the quote from Will D. Campbell’s classic book “Brother To a Dragonfly,” given in response to the question, “Just what IS the gospel?” Campbell said, “We’re all bastards, but God loves us anyway.”


    How ’bout reversing the title to the old hymn? “Jesus knows me; this I love.”

    He DOES know us. Warts and all, as Cromwell said. As messed up as we are.

  5. Ditto Savvy. I am still trying to decide. Is the cartoon showing a progression towards self-centeredness or has the light dawned in the heart that the Creator loves personally (despite how messed up we are)? Maybe both? Maybe neither?

    Perhaps we will never know 🙂

    Good Stuff.

    Jeff S

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