cartoon: southern t-shirt idea

Thanks to Barbara on my facebook for giving me the idea to put “y’all” instead of “you”. More Southern!!

I think this is how it would be said down south. I met my wife Lisa in Springfield, Missouri in 1978 at college. I am from Canada and she is from the deep south of Alabama. It was an extreme culture shock when I first went there. For one summer I worked as an intern assistant pastor at her home church. Pentecostal. It was quite an experience watching people being judged into different categories of saved and not saved, Spirit-filled and not Spirit-filled, living in sin and living in holiness, serving the Lord and serving the devil, tight with Jesus or far away from God, faithful member or backslidden, tither or faithless, demon-possessed or demon-oppressed.

But that’s not just a southern phenomenon. It’s everywhere, including where I live. When it comes down to it, when we judge others we are saying we are in and they are out.

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