"Jesus Cries" drawing by David Hayward

NEW Image of Christ “Jesus Cries” and a Story of a Boy

[OWN THIS DRAWING] JESUS CRIES The boy cried out in the darkness of the night and within seconds his father was sitting on the side of the boy’s bed. What’s the matter, son? I had a sad dream, the boy sobbed. Tell me about this dream. I dreamed Jesus was…

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"The Fear of Questions" cartoon by David Hayward

Are Your Questions Making You Afraid?

OWN THIS PRINT Are some questions making you afraid. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. Questions like: Am I going to Hell? Is there a God? Was Jesus real? What happens after I die? What if I’ve made a terrible mistake? Am I confusing my spiritual independence with…

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"Forsaken Everyone" cartoon by David Hayward

Here’s What Spiritual Arrogance Looks Like

[OWN THIS PRINT] Spiritual arrogance feels and looks so, so spiritual. It is intoxicating and impressive. But it’s barren and loveless. Been there. Done that. (Are you tired of walking your post-church spiritual walk alone? Try out The Lasting Supper.) TALK WITH ME if you’re having a spiritual emergency! Download…

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"Offended by Women" cartoon by David Hayward

Offended by How Women Dress?

[OWN THIS PRINT] OFFENDED BY HOW WOMEN DRESS: There was a young man who thought that being spiritual meant that no matter what before him walked that he should take offense. Women were the worst for him the way they dressed or didn’t his eyes would bulge his blood would…

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"Treadmill" cartoon by David Hayward

Are You a Victim of the Church System?

OWN THIS PRINT Are You a Victim of the Church System? Last week a friend reminded me of Frank Serpico. He said some of the things he addresses remind him of what I’m doing. So I watched the movie “Serpico” again. Indeed! Serpico saw the whole police system as corrupt.…

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"Abandonment Issues" cartoon by David Hayward

Do You Feel Abandoned?

[OWN THIS PRINT] DO YOU FEEL ABANDONED? One of the main reasons personal spiritual development can be difficult is because we experience abandonment. We experience abandonment by: 1. the beliefs that gave us assurance and comfort; 2. the object of those beliefs: our God; 3. the people associated with those…

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"Desert" cartoon by David Hayward

Your Desert Experience is Yours Alone

[OWN THIS PRINT] YOUR DESERT no one can claim the benefits of your desert your dry and thirsty land where there is no water you are the judge you and you alone to determine how much it will demand your growth (Are you in your desert right now? I’ve been…

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"The Voyage of Saint Brendan" drawing by David Hayward

The Voyage of Saint Brendan, Drawing and Guest Poem

[OWN THIS PRINT] Do you know anything about Saint Brendan? Read up! Fascinating character! I was inspired to draw this by Frederick Buechner’s novel, Brendan. A friend of mine, Kristie Hayes, wrote this poem, inspired by my drawing: The Voyage of Saint Brendan and Me On this bumpy voyage, alone I…

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"Water in the Desert" cartoon by David Hayward

Water in the Desert

[OWN THIS PRINT] WATER IN THE DESERT We are the Christ from Whence we came and to Where we desire the Desert we cross the One who leaves water and the One who finds it the Sign that proclaims the One who drinks and the Water itself (*** I have…

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"Love Never Fails" cartoon by David Hayward

Love Never Fails He Said

[OWN THIS PRINT] LOVE NEVER FAILS you say you desire unconditional love but are you prepared for the real and the raw not only from you and all your shames but from others too with no more games the heat of love’s fire oh how it burns go in there…

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