Charisma News, Islamophobia, Jesus, and Guns

"Jesus and Guns" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)
“Jesus and Guns” (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

I keep saying nothing surprises me anymore. But I keep getting surprised.

We all know the teachings of Jesus are amazing until they are tested in real life. Here’s a case in point.

Charisma News published an article this week by Gary Cass, Why I Am Absolutely Islamophobic (sic). (EDIT: Charisma News removed this post after it received so much criticism.)

When I first read this post I thought that it must be parody. Really? Now we’re not only admitting we’re islamophobic, but proud of it? Then I remembered what Charisma News sometimes publishes. Then I realized that there was no punchline. Cass is serious. Dead serious! Apparently Charisma News is too.

I’m trying to find Cass‘s articles on “Why I Am Absolutely Racist”, “Why I Am Absolutely Misogynist”, and “Why I am Absolutely Homophobic”. Maybe they will be written soon, and Charisma will be happy to publish them.

Here’s what Cass, and I guess the staff at Charisma News, think about Muslims:

  1. Every Muslim wants to subjugate or murder you.
  2. Allah is really Satan.
  3. Their mandate is to dominate the world.
  4. They’re deadly serious about their infernal goals.
  5. They are violent and demonic fanatics.
  6. When Muslims get power they behead non-Muslims.
  7. Why? Because this is what Muhammed did.
  8. Muslims laugh at us because of how stupid we are dealing with them.
  9. Muhammed is burning in Hell.

His solution?

  1. Convert them.
  2. Deport them.
  3. Kill them.

However, Cass says that since the bible predicted this about Arabs in Genesis 16: 11, 12, conversion is not only a waste of time but unscriptural. Since dead people can’t be deported, his real solution is to kill them all.

Arm yourselves! Not with the gifts or fruit of the spirit, but with guns.

Thanks Holy Spirit for your new charismata!

Cass is a fearful fear-mongerer. The sub-text to this article is, “Why I Am Absolutely Afraid and Therefore Absolutely Hateful”.

As Terry Eagleton asserts in his excellent book On Evil that ,

“I am not, incidentally, suggesting that resolving the Israel-Palestine problem, or any other situation in which Muslims today feel abused and humiliated, would make Islamic terrorism disappear overnight. The trim truth is that it is probably too late for that. Like accumulating capital, terrorism has a momentum of its own. But it is a fair bet that, without those humiliations, such terrorism would never have got off the ground.”

He also says later…

” More violence then breeds more terror, which in turn puts more blameless lives at risk.”

I’m disappointed in Charisma News for publishing such a fear- and hate-mongering post that pretends to end the violence by perpetuating it.

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21 Replies to “Charisma News, Islamophobia, Jesus, and Guns”

  1. “Praise God and pass the ammunition”

    In their being so Arab-phobic, I would very much argue Charisma News and Gary Cass admit to their being by a certain extent anti-semitic, because what if the Jews refuse to convert? Should Christians kill them as w- OH WAIT THEY DID OVER THE PAST 2000 YEARS AND STILL DO. The only good world they can see is where Christians rule it and they don’t even try to hide that they’re wanting people to buy certain doomsday packages of food, ammo, and bunkers.

  2. It is plainly ironic that Cass is wanting to do the exact same thing that he is criticizing the extreme fundamentalist Muslims of doing. He must understand “them” all to well because he is exactly like “them”.

  3. OK, “exactly like” meaning only in thought and attitude… not in action. Thank goodness the Christian right has not yet started to practice exactly what they preach.

  4. the italicized disclaimer – well they put that automatically at the end of every article that they publish. They certainly didn’t single out this one…

  5. One of the prophets from Duck Dynasty said “convert or kill” Muslims as well. Amazing that extremists Muslims feel the same way. We really need to get these two groups together on a remote island for a “Battle Royale” experience. Maybe the rest of us will all be better off.

  6. Thank you so so much for this. I was deeply disturbed by the Charisma News piece. Friendship is the antidote (well, a key antidote) to avoiding conflict and bigotry. I have had too many Muslim friends to swallow these things without taking it personally. And when I take it personally, I have the motivation to stick up for them.

  7. There is going to be a hot topic discussion in London, U.K. in the near future, supported by my church, entitled “Who Would Jesus Shoot?” The topic is of Christian approaches to nonviolence, but has Jesus in a t-shirt, holding a gun and some sack whilst maintaining his Catholic-style halo.

  8. It’s hard to believe the number of people who don’t realize that Allah is the same god as YHWE, Jehovah, etc. Christians in Arabic-speaking countries worship Allah too.

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