Charity Doesn’t Have to be Sexy

"Charity Investment" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Charity Investment” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

When people are in desperate need and you tell them from your privileged position that helping them will hurt your bank balance, you suck.

(And yes I know sending appropriate aid and assistance to Puerto Rico isn’t charity but an obligation.)

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One Reply to “Charity Doesn’t Have to be Sexy”

  1. I have been I a position where I have given more than I can give, driven by false guilt to the point where I could not give any more and needed to be given to.

    I didn’t have any choice over where I was born, the colour of my skin and what family I was brought up in and feel no guilt for any “privelidged” I experience. Maybe I was good in a previous life, who knows.

    However much I give will not solve the world’s problems. So I say goodbye to any false guilt and hello to cheerful giving, the kind that I have decided in my heart to give. For when I give willingly and not under compulsion to your need we both thrive. And vice versa.

    My thriving depends on you thriving and your thriving depends on my thriving whether that be freedom from false guilt or freedom from financial poverty.

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