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Questioner Image of Christ Print

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If you've ever been shushed or shut out for asking too many questions, this drawing of Christ is for you. 

Who gets kept out of "holy" spaces? Jesus Questioner asks this again and again. 

This image of Christ imagines a young and marginalised Jesus as he would have been when he asked elders at the temple questions and sought out the knowledge he didn't have access to. 

The Images of Christ includes depictions of Jesus that stray from the "classic" idea of what he looked like. This one celebrates a young, dark-skinned Jesus who represents all those who find themselves excluded or marginalised because they aren't white and "old enough" to meaningfully participate.

If Christ can look like them, why can’t the Church include them? 

Hang this up as a reminder to keep asking questions. 

Print Details

• Not matted or framed
• Available in a range of sizes
• Shipped safely to you in a postal tube
• High-quality Giclée-style print
• Paper: 189 GSM weight and 10.3 mil thickness