deep conversations and happiness

deep conversations and happiness cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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Some people avoid deep conversations because they don’t want to be interested in others.

Some people avoid deep conversations because they don’t want to expose themselves.

Some people avoid deep conversations because they are afraid of being attacked or rejected.

But some people know that these are the risks you have to take to be happy.

The Lasting Supper is a place of deep conversations and hilarity as well.

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4 Replies to “deep conversations and happiness”

  1. And some people avoid them because they don’t want to have to think deeply about anything. God forbid we be made sad or just made to think about issues larger than ourselves.

  2. God always answers in the deeps, never in the shallows of our soul. –Anonymous

    “Christianity” has become a civil religion in America. A religion that has replace the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love with the civic virtues of the Protestant work ethic can not provide the deep spiritual encounter with Grace that transforms minds, hearts and wills.
    Everything must be earned which creates an attitude of entitlement rather than gratitude.

    “Grateful living as a valid spiritual practice opens the door to what in the Christian tradition have been called the three “Divine Virtues.” They are good habits that have become second nature and connect us to the deepest reality of life, the divine spark within us. These three virtues — attitudes towards life, really — are faith, hope, and love. You find them in all religious traditions and spiritual paths. The grateful person grows into these basic virtues . . . And why? In order to be grateful you have to entrust yourself to life. If you don’t trust life, you will always say, “Who knows, is that really a good gift? Maybe it is a trick with strings attached.” As long as you have this fearful attitude, you cannot really be grateful. Faith, rightly understood, is the opposite of fear. It is not, in the first place, believing in something. It is, fundamentally, entrusting yourself to life, like you entrust yourself to water in order to swim.” ~Anonymous

  3. Another reason we may avoid deep conversations is that, in our turbo capitalistic, materialistic success-oriented society, we are just too busy to listen to each other. Much easier to make a quick judgment of what is wrong with someone, offer a shallow bit of advice and write them off when they don’t take it.

    We have all had to endure the things people “do to” us for our own good, of course, before they have taken the time to “be with” us to discern what our true needs and circumstances require. That is not love, that is meddling.

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