Did Jesus Kick a Lot?

"Did Jesus Kick a Lot?" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Did Jesus Kick a Lot?” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward



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2 Replies to “Did Jesus Kick a Lot?”

  1. Ha ha! I love that Jesus was indeed a disturber.

    The believers of Jesus were a sudden shift to a single God in the midst of the Roman pantheon (among others), and that single God had an open door to all classes, races, and sexes. And that he was more interested in mercy, than sacrifice. And, if there was one human term that could describe that God, it was the term ‘love’.

    And yet, the history of Christianity (the institution) is closed doors (criteria to enter), His judgment coming upon (especially) you, and we need to give more to him. They still said ‘there is one God’, and ‘he is love’… but they had redefined ‘love’.

    I have come to believe that humans tend towards power-centric arrangements – a strong gravitational anchor of security. It is just normal. And that includes me, when my company is doing lay-offs… I can feel my sense of ‘security’ being threatened.

    However, in the midst of feeling threatened, does the ‘believer’ call out to God to maintain the criteria for entry, the judgement upon those not-like-me, and the need to ‘give more to God’? If so, their god is not far removed from the old pantheon.

    The radical ‘kicking’ of Jesus should not be forgotten.

  2. Yes – challenging both to secular and religious powers to the point of the religious wanting to kill him and he be crucified by the secular with a sign “The King of the Jews” above his head.

    I don’t think he went out deliberately looking to cause trouble but wasn’t silent when there was injustices. Speaking out about Gentiles being denied worship in the temple, prophets being without honour among their own people, and standing in solidarity with the vulnerable with speaking the truth to power. So – radical yes indeed.

    I think it natural to do what is likely to be conducive to survival. Being in favour with the powerful, having approval of one’s peer group and attentive to one’s own security and happiness in terms of the world. But here was a man that considered what would happen to others if he did not act more than his own safety, often seemed to severely annoy the powerful, was homeless and was not without great sadness.

    Any yet – generated the following he did!

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