divorce court

divorce court cartoon drawing by nakedpastor david hayward

Yes, this is the church and the people in divorce court.

So many people are leaving the church. Why? Because they are experiencing emotional abuse, psychological abuse, spiritual abuse, and intellectual abuse. And neglect. More and more people are becoming post church people. These seem to be the kind of people who are gathering at davidhayward.ca.

What will be the settlement?


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  1. David,

    Love this one. This is so true. More people are seeing the church for what it too often really is … a pretentious, religious country club, full of, as Thomas Jefferson would say, fools and hypocrites.

  2. Let me play devil’s advocate. Why leave the Church? Why not try and fix it? Is it really abusive? On that scale? Or are people just not getting their way?

  3. I did try to fix it PrayerPunk…for many years.

    Yes, in many instances, it really is abusive. In fact I have come to believe that the organization as a whole is abusive and leads us away from understanding God.

  4. Definitely YES, it is VERY abusive and I would say it has hurt more people than it has helped. And there are many people warming the pews that are so brainwashed that they don’t have sense enough left to escape; they are zombies that pay their ‘tithe’ to support the lifestyle of the pastors and they think they are doing God’s will.
    And I say all of this because I use to be one of them…

    Faith can be a beautiful thing when you separate it from the church.

  5. To Gary & Ang: My experience and opinion is the same as yours.

    I love these graffiti essays, Hayward has a real gift for exposing ecclesiastical decadence.

  6. PrayerPunk: My pastor filed a $500,000 defamation lawsuit against me for calling him creepy, abusive, etc. I think filing a civil lawsuit against me and 4 others was pretty abusive and certainly unscriptural.

    David, great cartoon – – very true and so sad.

  7. This cartoon depicts the reality of what is happening in today’s churches. I was 18 years in the most abusive and legalistic Baptist cult. The abuses were so bad that many lives and families were destroyed. If you want to read about some of the abuse stories, just check out my blog: http://www.religionscell.com. Click on “blog”

  8. PrayerPunk: I am glad you seem to be enjoying the experience of a church-structured. May our Lord Jesus continue to help you grow within it.

    May I offer that Jesus compared the Holy Spirit to the ‘wind’? The wind can change direction so quickly, can reach into any highway or forgotten corner, can bring cool or heat, and/or stand completely still.

    [Let me define the church as believers; and the ‘church-structured’ as a local gathering of believers within a chartered corporation.]

    A church-structured tends to not change direction with the Spirit – plans are made for the year, committees map out approaches and teaching schedules for semesters, and pastors have difficulty looking past credentials into the heart.

    A church-structured tends to forget and avoid the forgotten corners of the nearby poor, allows only repentant lepers to attend, hopes to attain to the level of a pastor that lives within his/her office and library, and often is politically biased.

    A church-structured tends to bring only the heat of conviction OR the cool of unlimited mercy – rather than represent a Jesus that spoke both extremes according to tne differing needs of each listening heart.

    A church-structured tends to not know when to leave someone alone with their God, and allow some decisions to be between the congregant, their professional counselor, their doctor, and their Jesus.

    The strong tendencies of the church-strutured allow it to exist like a machine outside of the variableness of the living, intelligent, loving, gentle, and yet quite uncontrollable and unpredictable Holy Spirit.

    A time ago, I trimmed branches from my flowering tree – for the branch was diseased. This year, I must remove it all, for it has almost completely died. But… I will plant a new one in its place. May our Lord Jesus give you wisdom within His garden.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  9. By the way, David, this was an excellent cartoon! You have a tremendous gift from our Father!

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

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