Donald Trump’s favorite Bible verse revealed!

"Donald Trump's Bible Verse" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Donald Trump’s Bible Verse” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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No I don’t know if this is his favorite verse. When asked what it was, he responded that it was too personal.

As a Canadian, I look on with fascination and interest.

There’s something appealing about Trump: he’s not accountable to anyone.

There’s something frightening about Trump: he’s not accountable to anyone.

Many argue that it’s clear he’s a racist and misogynist. Some say this is a good thing because at least we know where he stands, unlike the politically correct, and they appreciate him for his transparent honesty. To me it seems like there are many people willing to take a terrifying risk and trust him.

I do realize immigration is an important issue. But just google “immigration in the bible” or “foreigners in the bible” or something like that, and at first glance you will be overwhelmed at the graciousness the Bible says we should extend to foreigners in our midst. Like this one: “Thou shall neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Exodus 22:21). And that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the bible.

However, it is suggested that if you take this as kindness towards illegal immigrants, then you’re wrong! In fact, it is debated that what that verse is talking about is not foreigners living among us, but about foreigners temporarily passing through! Ya, I didn’t realize that either.

It seems that we can make anything mean anything so that even something that is explicit about inclusion can actually mean exclusion. I’m not just talking about immigrants.

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26 Replies to “Donald Trump’s favorite Bible verse revealed!”

  1. Funny to think that passage may have been written by a Jew who was like Trump — and was not accountable to anyone, so he said that “Yahweh said it.”

    Remember too, the Mecca surah of the Qur’an are very different from the Medina surah — Allah’s message changes when living among enemies or living in safety. Likewise the various writers of Tanakh make Yahweh say different things depending on what they want their listeners to feel.

    Same story — nothing is sacred.

  2. I love this awesome David! You’re so gifted in writing, drawing, but especially challenging yours/our thinking.

  3. Oops… that was supposed to say, “I love this, it is awesome David.” But that’s ok. I think I can refer to you as “Awesome David.”

  4. David, again your comments are ‘spot on’. Thanks, even though you are casting a side-long glance south of our border. I’m wondering now how many of the same blunt attributes we can apply to our own Prime Minister. Harper has enveloped himself in the evangelical Christian flag and is justifying his demented attitudes from deeply rooted notions he’s picked up from his exposure to voices in that camp. In many ways Trump and Harper belong in the same insane asylum. However, that may be too political a comment for this column. Nevertheless, carry on and ‘good’ on you.

  5. It seems to me that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because the people there wanted to abuse the foreigners visiting Lot. (I’ve heard people interpret the story as a warning against homosexuality, but that’s obviously wrong to anyone who is not looking for that message.)

  6. My immigration views have nothing to do with the bible and everything to do with the sustainability of our economy. We have a legal means of immigration in this country which I fully support. But we cannot afford to continue to place millions of illegals on our overly generous welfare programs without bankrupting our nation. Once that happens, the harm to the poor will be far greater than simply securing our borders.

  7. Gary’s comments are understandable, but not necessarily helpful. Perhaps he’s only commenting on the US reality and not Canada’s situation. In our country (one of the largest land masses in the world) with just 35 million population (when China and India both have over a billion each) we must realize we have justified limiting immigration numbers to ridiculously paltry levels for decades. We actually responded generously to the crisis respecting the so-called ‘boat people’ from Viet Nam and environs fleeing their homeland about 30 years ago. Today another reality confronts our sensibilities and morality and we must respond. I am working with others to be one small response network, and I trust there will be many more doing the same.

  8. Forgive me for getting on my soapbox but I can’t help myself…

    I have never been into politics that much, but last week I attended a rally outside the Adelanto Detention Facility (located in Adelanto,California in the Mojave Desert). I was shocked to learn that our archaic immigration system continues to hold onto an arbitrary immigrant quota, detaining 34,000 immigrants each day. Mandatory detention of migrants have funneled money into private prisons, like the GEO Group, stretching government resources to the point of failure. Yet instead of overhauling the nation’s immigration policies, the government’s solution has been to build more detention facilities. UGH!!

    While some immigrant detainees deserve to be there, many do not. Regardless, they are ALL human beings who deserve to be treated humanely! But that is NOT what is happening! Because of this immigrant quota, ICE is literally grabbing people (who have been law-abiding, productive members of society) for some minor infraction that happened 20 or 30 years ago! These people have children and grandchildren who were born in this country. Sometimes the families are not even notified where their loved one is being housed, or the facility makes it difficult for the family to visit, or they simply live too far away and can’t afford travel costs. The charge for outgoing phone calls is $5.00/minute! Families are torn apart and suffer untold economic hardship and emotional and psychological trauma because of this stupid quota and corporate greed!

    The GEO Group and the Adelanto Detention Center (the worst in the country) have been the subject of countless abuse and neglect allegations, including the death of two detainees while in ICE custody. Advocates have documented allegations that include inadequate health care, arbitrary and overuse of solitary confinement, lack of sufficient nutrients and even maggots in the food. Detained immigrants have also reported harassment by GEO staff and intimidation by ICE officers. Some are even being denied the right to meet with a lawyer. The worst part is that these poor people don’t even know how long they will be in these facilities! I would guess a LONG time since it’s all about the detention centers expanding and making money!

    At the rally I also learned about the Friends of Adelanto Detainees visitation program which I hope to get involved with. If the detainee’s family members can’t visit them, at least they will know someone cares enough to take the time to visit them and listen to their heartbreaking stories! Just the fact that people from the outside are aware of their situation and trying to bring about change gives them hope and encouragement! Sounds like something Jesus would do, now doesn’t it?

    (For you old timers, yes, I am still long-winded. Some things don’t change – ha! It’s good to be back!)

  9. Interesting that Dale does not find my comments “necessarily helpful”. I guess he believes that hearing a viewpoint counter to his own is not helpful. (Sounds like a couple of preachers I used to know)

    I disagree.. I believe challenging the status quo (even here) is very helpful and absolutely necessary. Our LEGAL immigration numbers have been around 1 million people a year for the last 25 years.

    I don’t see this as “ridiculously paltry”. Quite the contrary in fact. But my big beef is with the illegal immigration problem we face. We presently have between 11 and 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. And though it may be hugely unpopular on here to say so…these are law breakers. No amount of kindness can overcome the stark realities of economics. The U.S. cannot take on the present level of financial drain on our economy through welfare handouts (to BOTH citizens and non citizens alike) and survive. I believe (as do a growing number of economists) that we are on a tipping point and literally staring into the abyss of total economic collapse. One nation cannot fix the world’s problems no matter how generous we are. And if we continue to destabilize our economy at the rate we are presently going we soon won’t be able to help any.

    This is not about who has the bigger heart. And those who try to shame others into pursuing an even more untenable economic position are an even bigger threat to our country than the illegals are.

  10. Obviously my Canadian perspective won’t satisfy Gary and others – the ‘two solitudes’ thing I suspect. And parroting statistics on economic realities isn’t helpful – who gives a shit about economics if your family and friends/neighbors are dying at border crossings and dangerous alternatives. You either respond or walk away. And that’s what I’m attempting to do around refugee realities we’re facing in our world. And from my Canadian perspective (in a country with the grand total of 35 million people, living in one of the world’s largest land-masses) is respond compassionately – again paying attention to quotas and targets established by the powers that be, including absurd comedian characters like Trump. But not allowing myself to become imprisoned by the same economic, legal/illegal constraints. All I can hear/see/witness now are those 71 decaying dead people locked in a truck in Austria, and 100s drowning in the Mediterranean. Since the meeting was launched around the caricature multi-billionaire Trump, I thought it helpful to post some comments.

  11. None of the shit about abuses you just posted are even relevant to the debate. Of course those abuses should be stopped. That has absolutely ZERO to do with proper immigration and what this country can afford. You seem totally oblivious to the reality that we cannot afford to house the world’s poor without becoming 3rd world poor ourselves. You spout mindless drivel about compassion as if only YOUR characterization of compassion is real. Your views would bankrupt my nation. There is no compassion in that. And the fact that you reject facts in favor of bleeding heart bullshit reveals much about you. Who gives a shit about economics? I DO!! And I’m guessing you do too…otherwise you would have invited all of the homeless in your region to move into your house and work your ass off to feed them all out of your own personal income. You can spout your compassionate drivel all you want when it is other people’s money. But guess what…a country has limited resources just like a family does. And we are spending ours WAY FASTER than we are taking it in. (National debt soaring out of control) History reveals only one outcome when a nation follows this path. And then NO ONE gets helped.


  12. Gary,
    I AM for immigration reform that puts current illegal immigrants on the path to citizenship so that they can earn a better living, pay taxes, and contribute to society. And I DO understand and agree that we can’t keep economically afford to continue taking in millions more immigrants. That has to be drastically curtailed. The point I was trying to make is that these immigrant detainees are being treated horribly and that needs to stop ASAP! And I feel that visiting some of them is my way of showing them compassion and the love of Christ. That’s all.

  13. Seems as though I’ve hit a nerve with Gary – my what a innocent flower he is! And about economic realities – should the USA be so sensible as to re-direct the $10.2 million per day it hands the State of Israel (its military) to purchase more bombs, guns and weaponry to keep the Palestinians at bay and locked in prisons, or chased out of Palestine/Israel to so-called ‘safe havens’, then I will readily agree to talk with anyone about economics and affordability of welcoming more strangers and people fleeing their land and homes. Right now the obscenity of present policies are palatable and must be debunked. However, are their counter voices out there prepared to state the obvious and demand real accountability on the part of their so-called elected representatives? Finally, good on you Jo White for doing what you can with what you’ve got.

  14. Totally agree with you Jo. And as I clarified with Dale, this issue is not one and the same with the economic realities of immigration. They are two totally separate issues. In fact I stated in my comment to him that I also am opposed to the treatment that has taken place. I am glad you demonstrate the cognitive ability to recognize the difference, which is more than I can say for Dale.

    And Dale, Your mocking tone referring to me as an innocent flower is hilarious considering it is you who believes economics don’t matter and seem to promote one of the most naive stances on immigration I have encountered in a log time. I guess it just always cracks me up when the profoundly ignorant on a subject choose to mock and belittle the grown ups in the conversation. I mean seriously…laughing my ass off over it here.

    For the record…
    Total economic aid to Israel per year…less than 3 billion.
    Cost of illegal immigration per year…113 billion
    total annual welfare spending per year…152 billion and up with some estimates ranging to a trillion

    But don’t let me trouble you with pesky things like facts…you have your cute little flower child romantic ideas of compassion to promote.

  15. Gary, you are simply making my portrait of you very clear, so laugh your ass off to your hearts content (talk about real mixed anatomical metaphors) ….
    as for the record (and of course your US American record isn’t as accessible to us foreigners – who knows we could be terrorists and Home-land security might intercept this and rain down their own version of terrorism on us poor Canucks.) But at least for the one record – (and it’s closer to 4 billion/year from the States to Israel’s military alone – saying nothing about all the other aid given to that country) – if even a small portion of that amount were given from this file towards refugee settlement needs it could make such a humanitarian action possible. What seems to be impeding the States from doing this is the blatant nonsense coming out of the likes of Trump & Co. And that’s solely my humble opinion, since thankfully he’s down there and not up here.

  16. So since you have no grasp of economics you once again promote strawman arguments. Of course the support for Israel has nothing to do with the refugee situation or with Trump. I’m not a supporter of his BTW. And your stats are wrong. Seriously dude you are looking pretty silly at this point. Do yourself a favor and learn to think for yourself. Parroting the same worn out rhetoric with no ability to reason or follow a logical thought process is is not serving you all that well. Lol

  17. I have been modest in my character profiling of you Gary; seems like you haven’t the same degree of civility. So doubt whether serious engagement is possible given your attitudes around serious dialogue. Until you can summon up a modest amount of basic manners we better not attempt to have conversation – just chalk me up as a 74 year old fart, who doesn’t know nearly as much as you, and let it go at that.

  18. Lol. I guess if you can’t even respond to the points than this type of dismissive response is all you have left.


  19. Listen… if you really want to have a serious discussion just tell me and others following this link know and we can wipe your smart ass clean in no time. You really are pathetic!

  20. Well that escalated quickly. I’d like to remind us that I edit out name-calling. Unfortunately, I suck at political commentary. Some might ask why I would draw a political cartoon then. Well, because this one addresses spirituality, specifically Christian, and the bible. I do know this much: the USA has an immigration issue. I also know this: Trump’s got attitudes about immigrants that I don’t like. I do not trust the man.

  21. I don’t trust him either David. That’s not to say I disagree with everything he says…just that I don’t trust him.

    Dale…I made a comment on here which was serious discussion. You responded by calling me out by name in an insultingly dismissive manner. Wipe my smart ass clean?? LMFAO What are you…in the 3rd grade?

    Seriously dude…either engage on point or simply fuck off. I really don’t care which.

  22. Ok. I like to follow the comment thread here. I don’t usually feel the urge to say anything, but since in
    this one, the argument came down to numbers and “what the U.S. can afford” it should be fairly simple to wrap up, right? In 2014 the U.S. afforded itself 3.1 billion towards helping isreal (militarily and economically….) . In 2013, the U.S afforded itself 1 billion towards resettling and processing refugee claimants. (Links to spending reports below). The amount of money used by and contributed to the American economy by illegal migrants is harder to track because they are by definition “undocumented”, but many studies indicate that they contribute more than they take. Nevertheless, please bring more refugees here before dumping more $$$ into the black hole that is isreal! At least the refugees stand a chance of giving back to our economy.
    The bigger question here, as one of the debaters brought up, is whether the “economy” is a good or necessary paradigm to argue from in the first place. To what extent have we manufactured and exalted this thing called “economy” when it is so abstracted from the basic necessities and joys of our lives. Grow food, welcome children, make music. Call me a flower child, because yes- most things in life come down to the pollination of flowers rather than “the economy”.

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