Don’t Believe Everything You Fear!

"Everything You Fear" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Everything You Fear” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I remember very clearly the night I allowed my theological deconstruction to really take root. I was lying in bed, it was very dark, and I felt a wave of fear crash over me.

Here’s what I thought: “If I no longer believe there is a Hell but there is one, I’m definitely going there now!”

It was terrifying.

Listen my friends: I understand. But I want to encourage you (and I speak from experience and observation) that you will get through this! I have. Many of my friends have.

It’s because we have a triggering relationship to fear. The things we believed are sewn into our spiritual DNA. They sometimes seem so hopelessly entangled that we might wonder if we’ll ever get over it. But you will. There will come a day, and I’ll use myself as an example, when you think about Hell, you won’t feel that chill of fear go through your body.

When you stop fearing everything you believe, you will no longer believe everything you fear.

Want to read a good book on fear? Read The Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin!

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11 Replies to “Don’t Believe Everything You Fear!”

  1. David, could I ask you something. When you quit the Christian ministry, how long had you believed that Jesus did not even exist but was mythical? From seminary days?

  2. I thought you said it a couple dozen posts back. The gospel writers might be real, but Jesus did not really live. I thought was what you said.

  3. I do believe there was a man… a teacher, a radical… who upset the authorities, religious and political, and got himself executed, and left behind followers from whom emerged the church and eventually Christianity. There’s a lot of mythology wrapped around that.

  4. Well aside from the fact that it occurred during recorded history, attested to by people who did not profit from spreading the story, mythology would not lay such emphasis on actual times and places… But with all that said, at what point did you come to this conclusion, then, that he was a regular man, a teacher and radical ( radical in what sense?). That he was not Lord and God. In seminary, or half way through the ministry? I guess I am wondering if most of your ministry you basically were in opposition to those who confess Jesus to be Lord. Is that the “radical” position? Jesus is not Lord? — is not the radical position that God humbled himself to be born a man. One who did not simply send people down the mountain, to love other people there, but one who came down the mountain himself. When you serve such a Lord you don’t think about heaven or hell anymore, you just serve.

  5. hmmmm. it does seem like you are hedging your bets. i don’t care, i don’t need a declaration. your posts are your drawings speak to me . they make me think, they make me mad sometimes,, they make me happy some times. but they hit their mark in many ways. i am grateful

  6. Maura: How would I be hedging my bets? I’m very definite and certain. Not hiding any cards here.

    Brigitte: Why would you say “I am wondering if most of your ministry you basically were in opposition to those who confess Jesus to be Lord.” I fail to see how I have opposed believers.

  7. Maybe it’s the other way round David…………maybe it’s the people who confess Jesus to be Lord who are opposing you ?

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