Empty Seats of Power

"Empty Seats of Power" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Empty Seats of Power” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


That’s the problem with religion, especially Christianity.

It was birthed as the elevation of the poor and the inclusion of the unclean. But then the poor get rich and greedy and the unclean get religious and exclusive.

Same with power. Justice means the humbling of the powerful for the sake of the downtrodden. But then the downtrodden get power.

And then the prophecies repeat their original message all over again.

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One Reply to “Empty Seats of Power”

  1. Completely agree.

    Looking back over previous years I’ve taken on board this conversation:

    “I can see how claiming to speak for God would allow a narcissist safe haven to grown their own particular empire… I guess, as I’m sorting through this all now with a full cup of coffee in me, that your focus may be to narrow, David. Broaden your spyglass and see if you can spot this in other places.” Danica

    “I have seen it in other places… Which leads me to suspect that theology isn’t the core issue.” David

    “I have met some really incredible people through my adventures…from the most unlikely places. THEY are to me the body of goodness. that’s my religion….just don’t be an asshole. be honest, vulnerable and transparent. say sorry. admit fault. forgive and be kind. here’s another gem from our family psychologist…“Healthy relationships require mentally healthy people, and they always have a mechanism for repair.”” Julie McMahon

    On a satirical site about the church, of course the church is going to be the target of humour and criticism. I think similar can be said about any organisation. In my experience given that the church in principle is meant to stand for love of God and love of others as yourself I perhaps have been less guarded than in other institutions. Given this and what you rightly say about the humbling of the powerful then the downtrodden getting power and needing prophecy to be humble in a never ending cycle I am both encouraged and challenged.

    Of course the line between good and evil is drawn down everyone and every institution.

    To what degree am I humble when I experience power, serving the downtrodden and prophetic – standing in solidarity with the vulnerable and speaking truth to power. And when downtrodden and vulnerable, trusting in justice, truth and love. To what degree when I am downtrodden and vulnerable am I wallowing in self-pity, when I experience power am I arrogant and self serving.

    Sometimes it’s easy to think of these kind of things when applying them to others and hard when applying to oneself but of course the same responsibilities apply to everyone.

    Thanks David for your encouragement, blessing and challenge!

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