Even Clergy are Leaving the Church!

"Faithful to the Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Faithful to the Church” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Not just members are leaving the church!

It is estimated that in the USA alone approximately 2,000 pastors leave the ministry PER MONTH! Apparently that’s just a fraction of those who wish they could but can’t for whatever reasons. The statistics are eye-opening!

I am one of those pastors who left. I’m glad I did. My life is now better for it.

It was a long struggle until I did leave though. I’m totally empathetic towards those who struggle to stay or leave.

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2 Replies to “Even Clergy are Leaving the Church!”

  1. I read the statistics. With all the church closings… how can it be that finding someone for the pulpit is difficult?

    Unless the Board is wishing a highly tenured ‘great leader’ and only newly-minted graduates are available….

    Hopefully, every pastor-to-be was told to have a blue-collar skill set prior to their divinity degree pursuit. You know, plumber, painter, electrician, heat/AC, car mechanic, and so forth. And the Divinity Program ensured they were certified in that skill, prior to allowing course attendance.

    Anything less than that, would seem to be a bit unrealistic…. after all, a shrinking market (more churches closing than opening) with 24,000 ‘pastors’ removed/quitting a year, is not a place for the single-skilled to venture forth.

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